Do you have the GOTS for this?

At Talula Little we only sell the gold standard of organic clothing thanks to our supplier Kiran and his wonderful team. A ‘Global Organic Textile Standard’ certification means that our entire supply chain is strictly monitored to ensure that it is run in the most sustainable possible way for the planet but also ethically in that every person from farmer to factory worker is taken care of. Fair pay, regular breaks, safe working conditions and gender equality. 

This way of running a factory in India, and the textile industry in general, is very rare and has earned Kiran a fabulous reputation across India. He now attracts people from all over who want to be part of such a revolutionary company and better their lives as well as their families. He is shown so much love from his local community and while walking through the streets with him, this quickly becomes clear.

Kiran told me that helping others, especially those less fortunate than him is his life’s work.

Kiran contributes a portion of his profits to helping a local orphanage providing them with food, toys, clothes and other supplies. He takes time out of his very busy schedule to visit this orphanage regularly with his wife and brings his clients there as well to play with the kids. 

The outskirt of Kiran’s home town is populated by a tribal community. These people rely heavily on agricultural work which of course is seasonal and because of this, many families go hungry for much of the year. This tribe live very simple lives, they wash in local rivers and live in huts made from mud and twigs. Very gentle and reserved in nature are this community, they speak a completely different language, are uneducated and essentially live off-grid. 

Kiran told me that he learned to speak a few basic sentences in their language and approaches them every now and again to offer them work. He offers them the chance to send their family members to his factory where he promises to train them to become skilled workers as well as teaching them English so they could progress to senior roles within his company. Wow. What a guy.

The lengths he goes to in an effort to help others less fortunate than him amazes me and it give us great pleasure to know that our orders with him directly help those who need it most. People who are due some good fortune and with the right opportunities can and do achieve great things for themselves and their families.

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