The Real Story Behind Talula Little

This is a story about becoming parents and making a series of lifestyle changes, ultimately leading to Ethics and Sustainability being at the heart of Talula Little.

When our daughter Ella was born, we quickly realised she had very sensitive skin – something that we later found is extremely common in babies. We decided to make the switch to Organic clothing where we could, but we found them priced out of our reach, and not everything was to our taste. The short version of this story is we decided to make our own! Affordable and without compromising on quality.

What happened to us on our journey to creating Talula Little was truly transformational to the way we live our lives. Without exaggeration, I look back and I think what a profound difference to our lives and to the planet has been made from a simple idea to make some organic bibs. That is where we decided to start, with dribble bibs.

We wanted the designs to be fun and unique so after a lot of brainstorming our Yoga Baby mascot was born, the name Talula Little came much later. A decision that was born out of the fact we had considered Talula for our daughter. People often ask whether our daughter is called Talula to which we reply “No, but we almost named her Talula and so this business is like another child of ours”.

It took nearly 2 years to find a manufacturer we were happy with. We learnt a lot about organic production but also the devastation ‘conventional’ cotton production causes. The enormous effect it has on the ecosystems that it grows on and surrounds. The ridiculous amounts of water that conventional cotton requires to grow (a whopping 2,700 litres to produce a single t-shirt!!), water that is desperately needed by local communities where it is tremendously scarce. These same  communities that suffer because of the polluted drainage water that seeps in to the crops making them sick, killing wildlife and the soil so that nothing can grow again. The more we learnt the more we couldn’t comprehend that enormity of the implications big business are willing to sacrifice for the sake of more profit. It was through this realisation that we were led towards discovering GOTS Certification. The gold standard of organics production where the entire supply chain is strictly monitored and is required to meet stringent ethical and sustainable practice. 

Time ticked and we waited for our bibs. But we were changing as people. We thought we were already conscious folk.. afterall we recycled! But we started to realise we could be doing more. We started to look at our lifestyle, our life choices. I switched to using a menstrual cup (best decision – I will cover this in another post). We became conscious in our clothing purchases. No longer were we buying into fast fashion for the sake of it. We began seeking organic adult clothes manufacturers and buying much less. 

Our bibs went on sale February 2018 and Talula Little was officially launched. GOTS Certification, fair-trade and colourful!

We received such good feedback on our designs but our bellies were still hungry, we knew we couldn’t stop there. We began designing our clothes. We started thinking about what we could offer our extended T Little family. We worked on Post Natal yoga e-books and social media content that would add value and enrich lives. 

Changes in our personal life kept happening, I switched to all reusable make up remover pads and stopped using disposable wax strips (I still wax but without the plastic strips) 

We changed toothpastes. No longer will you find a plastic toothpaste tube in our bathroom. We made the switch to glass containers, no fluoride, coconut oil based. The best toothpaste, a year on and my dentist has no complaints, my teeth are looking healthier than ever before. 

We started learning about how not all plastics get recycled, so we began refilling containers of shampoo and shower gel. I tried shampoo bars but I have yet to find one that suits me. 

During our design process we decided to make all our clothes suitable for cloth nappies. The reusable theme was now at the heart of our personal and business life.     clothes that fit cloth nappies

During this whole time we had slowly begun to cut down on meat too.

We got pregnant with baby number 2, and I almost completely cut out meat. We began eating meat once a week and only purchase meat from our local butchers now. 

Our clothes arrived and went on sale November 2018. 

I started doing (extensive) research on reusable nappies, determined to use cloth full time on baby number 2. We switched to plant based milk. 

Fast forward to March 2019 and our baby boy was born and I started cloth nappies full time from 2 weeks old. I can’t believe I never used cloth with my daughter, it wasn’t on my radar back then, I don’t think I was even aware how easy it was to switch and cloth full time. From cloth nappies… came reusable wipes. The only time I used wet wipes on my son was in the hospital. cloth nappy

Here we are, at the end of 2019, nearly 2 years on since we launched our business but 2 years of massive life changes. We are aware, we are conscious of our choices, we think about the planet and our children’s future in all the choices we make. We aren’t vegan, and we don’t have plans to be (yet). We don’t claim to live a zero waste life but with awareness comes change.

We have been and still are reducing our environmental impact by keeping our meat consumption low and choosing consciously where to purchase meat. We have made a huge number of changes to our daily life and the products we use. Cling film doesn’t get purchased in our house anymore, it is unnecessary, I have not missed it one bit. Our daughter uses a bamboo toothbrush, we still use electric. There is not a single wet wipe in my home. Yes, I am a mother of 2 and what I thought was an essential baby item is now obsolete, because there are better, reusable options out there. 

So deciding to launch an affordable organic baby clothing brand led in to so much more. It is a way of life now, an awakening of the sickness that our planet is suffering and an enlightened knowledge of how we are responsible to heal this her, our home. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our story, 


Lisa, Aviv, Ella & Ozzie


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