What do you stand for?

What do you stand for?

Talula Little is proud to be a fully transparent company. This means that we place the utmost importance on showing you exactly who makes our clothes.

You may have noticed that this sort of transparency is actually very rare. The reason? Because quite frankly companies are simply too ashamed to share the production side of their products with their customers. It’s for this exact reason that we believe the future of industries, that typically exploit the developing world, should be one of total transparency. This we believe, will encourage more ethical and sustainable practise. 

The factory in India who supply our clothes is owned by a man named Kiran. Born in a rural town in Gujarat, India, Kiran and his family lived in a small roofless hut for much of his life. Truly impoverished, his family lived with no running water or electricity, and very rarely lived off more than one meal a day.

It’s amazing how much wisdom one can acquire when starting with so very little in life but with the right attitude and work ethic, can turn their life around. Going against the grain every step of the way but becoming better and stronger for it.  

My trip to India was enlightening in many ways. Kiran and I had many deep and inspiring conversations ranging from life lessons to what he believes is the secret to true happiness, and of course I just sat back and took in as much as I could. Kiran believes that living a life of abundance, surrounding yourself with “nice things” as he put it, only serves as a distraction and never leads to long term fulfilment. Buy what you need, with a focus on quality over quantity, and direct your attention to what is truly important in life. 

Kiran told me he values above all else a life of simplicity. This enables him to stay focussed on what truly matters. That is, to live sustainably, and to help others. These qualities are the life blood of his business, as it is ours. 

Shop at www.talulalittle.com for beautifully hand-crafted infant clothing that is ethically and sustainably sourced. While you’re there, meet the team and subscribe for FREE mum and baby yoga!

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