Our inspiration

Co-founder Lisa is a yoga teacher, and is qualified in both pre and post natal yoga as well as yoga for kids. All of our designs are yoga inspired, yoga is a big part of what we do and is weaved throughout our business. We want to provide fun and engaging clothes for babies and children as well as offer a slice of wellbeing, inspiration and calm to parents. As such, we offer new mums the opportunity to download free post natal yoga ebooks. Simply SUBSCRIBE below :)


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We want to encourage medative movement through yoga using controlled breathing. New parents often forget that their wellbeing is paramount to caring for their little bundle, we hope our yoga designs offer a little reminder to mums to get their mat out and take a few minutes to themselves, be that with baby or when baby sleeps.



As babies grow they become increasingly aware of their surroundings and love to copy mum and dad. If mum and dad are practicing mindful movement, so will baby, then toddler, then child. This is part of our long term mission, not only do we want to contribute to the normalisation of organic cotton we want to be part of the movement that normalises yoga in the home and classroom.