Premium Organic Cotton Fitted Bed Sheet

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“The softness surprised me!”

One of the most important decisions any parent can make is whether to invest in an Organic Cotton fitted bed sheet. Our daughter Ella suffered with eczema as a baby and our doctor told us skin conditions are very common with babies and toddlers. As their new skin is slowly adapting to our world, give them a safe place to sleep where they can repair and grow. We made the switch to Organic and have never looked back!

Our Premium 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton bed sheets have zero harmful chemicals and zero dyes meaning they are super-friendly to all skin types. Fantastically breathable and durable, these sheets are easy to wash and robust enough to scrub clean if and when required. Guaranteed to last for many years, they can comfortably be passed down among siblings.

Available in White and Natural, for Baby Cot and Toddler Cotbed.