Dribble Bib – Natural Happy Baby Pose

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Is it me or do babies never miss an opportunity to dribble? And it seems endless at times! It’s almost as if they can’t help it or something.. what’s that? Oh they cant help it? Oh, right.. Well I find I’m best equipped for endless drool with a dribble bib. They’re a really smart way to prevent mouth and chest rashes. Simply wipe away and catch saliva. No fleece is going to irritate baby’s skin either because there isn’t any! We’ve very cleverly backed each bib with a special extra soft and comfy skin-friendly towelling fabric.

We’ve partnered up with the incredible team over at Sands Charity. Sands exists to support anyone affected by the death of a baby and to promote research to reduce the number of babies dying. This important cause deserves all our support so Talula Little will donate 10% of every purchase from our Rainbow Collection to Sands.

If you’ve been affected or know someone who has please visit www.sands.org.uk

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