Meet the Team #whomademyclothes

Our good friends in India are true masters of their craft!


Farm To Factory...

The reason we are so passionate about operating under the strict Global Organic Textile Standards is really quite simple. Many companies in the textile industry look for ways to cut costs and while this may seem reasonable on the surface, what exactly does this mean for all the people involved in manufacturing those products? Well, it means an awful lot actually. It means child labour; it means inadequate pay which borders on slave labour; it means dangerous working conditions where many people literally risk their lives to provide for their families, and at the end of each day leave work with little hope for any dignity or pride. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE and we want to see a change!

Organic Textiles...

The organic textile industry is small but it is growing year on year.  People are now realising the damaging effect that regular cotton production has on the planet and to the workers involved. We live in a world where, as consumers, we are used to the production side of products we buy being hidden from us because companies are too ashamed of their actions. Talula Little, and every other GOTS certified organic textile company, want you to know that by buying our products you are actively contributing to a more ethical and sustainable world and for that we are eternally grateful :)



Talula Little Babies...

At Talula Little we are extremely proud that we can operate with complete transparency and, with the tremendous efforts of our great friends in India (special mention to Kiran and his wonderful team), we are able to produce genuinely beautifully handcrafted products. You can rest assured that your baby will get nothing but the best – just as they deserve!