Hamstrings and Hips

Sitting all day, sitting, sitting, sitting. That’s what I remember doing when my little girl was born. We would sit and feed, some days for hours! I remember when I started to get back into my yoga practice I couldn’t touch my toes! I hadn’t been thinking about me at all or the long term effects these repetitive non movements where having on me. I had this warped view that I would be able to just get back to old ways easily, but I was wrong. Without being consistently mindful of my posture, getting back into some form of healthy was going to be a struggle. 

Which muscle does sitting for hours effect? Your hamstrings of course. Today we will focus on our hamstrings. Below are a few simple exercises you can do to begin to gain back (or not lose) your hamstring range. 

Simple and also feels great on the spine; 

Forward Fold

  • Standing legs hip distance apart with knees slightly bent
  • Begin to fold forward from your hips
  • Placing hands to opposite elbows
  • Deeply bend the knees bringing belly to thighs
  • Allow the head and neck to relax
  • Let the arms feel heavy, allowing gra vity to pull you closer to the ground
  • Begin to start straightening the legs but keeping a slight bend in the knee
  • You can sway the arms left and right if this feels good on your back.

Come down to the floor on all fours; 

Low lunge 

  • Step the right foot forward
  • Sinking the hips low and forward to get a stretch in the hips
  • Begin to straighten the front leg coming on the heal
  • Move back into your lunge
  • Again straighten the front leg coming up to the heal
  • Repeat this movement 5-8 times
  • Repeat on the other side

Seated forward fold

  • Sit on the floor
  • Straighten legs out in front of you 
  • Flex your feet
  • Sit tall, spine long
  • Fold forward reaching for your toes, do not round the spine, bend the knees if you need or use a belt, scarf or strap to reach the toes. 
  • Breathe here, allowing your body to soften. 
  • If your lower back hurts, ease off a little. 

Walking a lot will also help with hamstring relief. 

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